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Foodies - Restaurant Locator Foodies - Restaurant Locator

Foodies - Restaurant Locator

Looking for restaurants near your area?

Foodies App gives you list of restaurant within 500 meters of your location.

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CXSouq - Internet of Value

Simple, straightforward and the most trusted internet of value gateway of crypto first timers and enthusiasts.

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CXSouq - Internet of Value CXSouq - Internet of Value

Horse Racing Adventure - Tournament and Betting

The Ultimate Horse Racing Game! Unlock your horses and train them to become Derby Champions! Win every race to increase your horse statistics and unlock your other Derby Champions! It's a game full of strategy and arcade action.

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Snake Bytes

Kill time with the classic snake gameplay!

Missing your snake games on your old and classic Phone? Waiting for bus going home, school or office? Try playing Snake Bytes, a classic snake game for your iPhone and iPad devices. Kill time with the classic snake gameplay!

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Snake Bytes Snake Bytes
Easy to use Photos

Image Guard

Secure your photos

Image Guard protect your personal and private pictures from someone. It keeps them safe and secure with your personal password or touch ID.

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Insta Filter

Free Photo Collage and Stickers

Insta Filter is an amazing Editor that let you edit your awesome photo on the fly!

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Insta Filter Insta Filter
Where Am I Where Am I

Where Am I

Your Travel Map Guide

A one click application that will find your current location and can be displayed in different views. It can also display different points of interest that you define.

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Translate Me

Your Travel Buddy Translator

Translate Me is your travel translator buddy and easy to use. No training needed, just hold the button to speak and it will recognize your voice and converts it to the text of your language and into another language you have selected.

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Translate Me: Your Travel Buddy Translator Translate Me: Your Travel Buddy Translator
Mr. beans: Mushroom Quest

Mr. beans: Mushroom Quest

Join Mr. Beans in his quest to gather as many mushrooms and avoid as many obstacles as he can.

Guide Mr. Beans around to pick up mushrooms while avoiding being smashed by giant rolling obstacles in an easy to use controls and challenging possibilities.

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